Lottery Winners Who Blew It All

Out of Luck Lotto Winners

We all at some point have wondered how to win the lottery, and what we would do with our prize if we had won. Any reasonable human being would tell you not to spend it all.

But for some of the winners, instead of making their lives better, the Lottery win only seemed to make it worse.

Here are some of the lucky/unlucky ones, some of the largest wins recorded in the lottery.


Lara and Roger Griffiths – $2.76 Million

Every couple dreams of buying their dream home and then maybe later, their dream car.

For this couple, it was almost a no-brainer to buy both once they hit the jackpot.

Unfortunately, a dream car and home don’t always translate into a dream marriage, and 6 years after their big win, the couple divorced.

To make matters worse, their million-dollar home burned down in a freak accident.

William “Bud” Post – $16.2 Milllion

Within a year of winning, Bud Post found himself deeply in debt.

An ex-girlfriend filed a case against him and got a good chunk of his big win.

His own brother hired a man to try to kill him, hoping to cash in as well. He continued living in debt and spent time in jail for assaulting his debt collector.

Today, he lives a quiet life and earns a much smaller $450 a month.

Andrew Jackson Whittaker, Jr. – $114Million

If anyone can tell you how to play the powerball lottery, it’s this guy.

In 2002, this building contractor struck gold by winning multistate Powerball draw, bringing home over 100 million after taxes.

Sadly, that’s as far as his luck would take him as he eventually lost his money to thieves and lawsuits within just 4 years.

Vivian Nicholson – £152,300 (UK GBP)

Vivian Nicholson won a small fortune, but eventually blew it all on designer clothes.

Today she is unemployed, now living as a Jehovah’s witness.

She has also been widowed and was several times divorced.


Rhoda and Alex Toth – $13 Million

15 years after their win in 1990, the couple were reportedly bankrupt.

They were also accused of tax evasion by the IRS.

Michael Caroll – $15 Million

The humble garbageman got caught up in the high life of money and sex, eventually resulting in him losing all of his winnings within just 5 years.

As far as we’ve heard, he is hoping to get his old job back.

Martyn and Kay Tott – $5 Million

When researching lottery strategies that really work, rule 1 should be, “Keep your

Unluckily for this young couple, they overlooked this bit of common sense, so their prize remained unclaimed for several weeks.

The couple later said that this caused terrible stress for them and their marriage.

Ibi Roncaioli – $5 Million

When she won the Lotto 648 drawing in Ontario, Ibi Roncaioli didn’t tell her husband about her prize.

Instead she gave a portion of it to a secret child she had with another man.

Angry, her husband Joseph poisoned her with painkillers, resulting in her death.

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