How to Play the Powerball Lottery


Powerball is a lottery that runs in all U.S. states except for eight. It is also played in the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands, and in Puerto Rico.

This lottery game is slightly different than the standard lottery the first to use more than one drum from which to pull winning numbers. There is a drum specified for the white balls and a drum specified for the red balls.

This is where this particular lottery game derived its name from. The drawings are held Wednesday night’s and also Saturday night’s at 10:12 pm central time.

You can find the winning numbers being announced on TV, official web site, and newspapers.

The object of this lottery game is to match the five white balls and the red ball in order to win the grand prize. The white balls can be in any order.

When ordering your lottery ticket you can choose the quick pick method by letting the lottery machines choose random numbers for you or you can choose your own numbers.

As this lottery game is played, if there are no winners, the jackpot will grow by $10,000,000 each drawing.

The jackpot always begins at $40,000,000.

If there are no winners the jackpot has the potential to grow to many millions of dollars, and often does.

This game also provides many other smaller prizes ranging from $4.00 to two million dollars.


While there is no guarantee to win the lottery there are some steps you can take that may increase your chances.

  • Play regularly, as it is impossible to win if you don’t play
  • You should pick numbers above 31 (a great deal of players choose numbers that are below this due to birthdays, anniversaries and other special dates used by most players being below this number. So this will decrease your chance of having to share the jackpot)
  • Combine your money with other players, such as friends and family, to increase your odds of a jackpot win by updating or numbers.


It is worthy to note that winning any lottery drawing does not always solve problems in life and may even cause some.

There have been many instances where winning the lottery has caused a great deal of trouble in the lives of the winners.

These troubles can be caused by many things but mainly falls in the category of mismanagement of the winnings.

An example of this would be Evelyn Adams who, having won the lottery twice from 1985 to 1986 gambled away her entire fortune of $5.4 million.

Gerald Muswagon was so excited about his winnings that it blew through his $10,000,000 fortune in only seven years by partying and drinking.

He tragically ended his own life in 2005.


While winning the lottery really comes down to luck, there are some pretty solid strategies that have been used by people with multiple lottery wins.

Many of these winners use mathematically based strategies in an effort to beat the odds. Many who use these strategies admit to their use, though keep close guard of their secret.

The strategies are popular as they are effective due to the fact that the lottery is more than a game of chance but also of probabilities. An example would be covering every outcome possible to guarantee wins 100% of the time.

Using the strategy of probability greatly increases your chance to win and brings you that much closer to the jackpot.


Some of the largest lottery wins in history have been absolutely staggering.

The top prize in Powerball was $1.6 billion while Mega Millions topped out at $656,000,000 on March 30, 2012.

With this amount of money you may wonder what the winners are up to and how they’re doing now.

While some winners live a new lavish lifestyle, many try to live a more quiet and humble life, like Mavis Wanczyk, who is reported to say she just wanted to relax and enjoy some quality time. She does not see herself as rich or poor and was very humble in her acceptance of the a reward.


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